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Messianic Judaism 101

Answers about Messianic Beliefs
These answers are a simple introduction to Messianic Beliefs, please contact us if you need more detail.


Do you believe in Jesus?


What is Messianic Worship?


What is Messianic Judaism?


Do you consider yourself Christian or Jew?


When did Gentiles come into faith?


Are Scriptures  inspired by G-d?


How many Jewish believers in Yeshua are there?


Why use the name Yeshua? 


What does Christ Mean?


Why put a dash (-) in the name of G-d?


Does G-d still work today like He did in Bible times?


Is the Law still valid today?


Do you keep the Sabbath? 


Do you keep kosher?


Do you believe in the Holy Spirit? 


What about the gifts of the Spirit?


Do you celebrate Christmas and Easter?


Do you keep the Feasts Days?


What is Messianic Worship? - Messianic Worship seeks to restore scripture to it's Jewish context, Glorify Adonai (G-d) in all we do, and build bridges between Jews, Messianic Jews, and Christians.  Messianic congregations are often made up predominately of Goy (Gentiles), wishing to worship in the way taught by Yeshua (Jesus), and show love and support for Jews and Israel.



What is Messianic Judaism?  - Messianic Judaism is a movement of Jewish people who believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Jewish Messiah and Savior for Israel and the nations.  Messianic Jews have not stopped being Jewish, remaining strongly Jewish in identity, lifestyle and belief that Yeshua is the Messiah and the fulfillment of true Biblical Judaism.   



When did Gentiles come into faith? - It was always G-dís will for the Gentile nations to receive His Salvation (Is. 49:6, 42:6).  G-d told Abraham that through him all the nations of the earth would be blessed (Gen. 12:1-3).  Early Messianic Jews did not understand that this was G-dís will and proclaimed the Good News of the Messiah only to Jewish people.    The controversy in the first century was not if it was Jewish to believe in Yeshua but whether Gentiles could be included without having to become Jewish.  This was addressed by the Jerusalem council (Acts 15:1-31) which determined Goy (Gentiles) need not be circumcised, or follow other Jewish Law, but must: Abstain from eating: blood, things strangled, offered to idols, and must not fornicate.



How many Jewish believers in Yeshua are there?  Estimates vary, approximately one quarter of a million in the US, with 1 million world wide.



Why use the name Yeshua? - Yeshua is Jesus' Hebrew name, and would have been what His talmidim (disciples) would have called Him.



What Does Christ Mean? - Christ means anointed one, and is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word Mashiach.



Do you believe in Jesus? - Yes, we refer to Him by His Hebrew name, Yeshua, which was the name He was called while He walked on earth. To us He is the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world.



Do you consider yourself Christian or Jew? - Both, We are Jews and non-Jews who follow and love Yeshua, but our faith is built on the foundation of the Holy Scriptures, not  church traditions or Jewish rabbinical teachings.



Are Scriptures  inspired of G-d? - Yes.  The Torah, Tanakh, and Brit Chadasha are all G-d breathed and are profitable for study application in our daily lives.



Why put a dash (-) in the name of G-d? - As a sign of respect. It is to show the use of these words are a substitution for the Most  Holy Name of G-d, the One true One, and that we are not speaking of an idol which uses the name "G-d."  



Does G-d still work today like He did in Bible times? - Yes. He works whatever He wills unhindered by time or space. If the Most High did it or promised it in the Bible, then it will happen and can happen at any time.



Do you believe in being "born again?" - Yes. Because of the sinful spiritual nature in all people that accompanies physical birth, a new creation of the human spirit is needed to fully relate to our holy G-d. The act of new creation of our spirit by G-d in us is in effect being "born over again." Yeshua our Messiah offers this to all who trust Him.



Is the Law still valid today? - Yes, as a standard for righteousness. Yeshua said that not one yod or tittle would pass away, and that those who love Him will keep His commandments.  The Law is not for salvation, but for sanctification (being Holy).  No one can keep the Law perfectly, but striving to live as Adonai commands brings us closer to His desire for our life.



Do you keep the Sabbath? - Yes. We encourage observing the Sabbath.  From the time of creation the Adonai set aside sundown Friday to sundown Saturday as a gift of physical rest to us. We should accept the holy gift with joy.



Do you keep kosher? - We believe it is a personnel choice, according to what is the plain Scriptural instruction of what animals may be consumed. We do not believe that it is required to be restricted to a rabbinical approved kosher diet.  Some members of the congregation do keep Kosher.



Do you believe in the Holy Spirit?.- Yes. The Ruach Ha'Kodesh (Hebrew) is G-d continuing daily to perform the miracles of bestowing holy life upon the hearts of receptive people.



What about the gifts of the Spirit? - Yes.  While some may differ in the manifestation of those gifts, G-d's gifts are real, and powerful!



Do you keep the Feasts Days? - Yes, we celebrate the holy feasts as a "memorial throughout your generations forever."   These Feasts foreshadow the coming of Yeshua, both His first and second advent.



Do you celebrate Christmas and Easter? Holy days. Both Christmas and Easter are pagan celebrations and are not the actual days they propose to celebrate. We celebrate the actual days of the birth (Succot) and resurrection of Yeshua (First Fruits), which were already G-d ordained Feasts of Israel.




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