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Who We Are

The Messianic Alliance of North America exists to: 

Assist those seeking to locate a Messianic Congregation

Promote Messianic Beliefs

Support Israel

Support the Jewish People

Encourage cooperation between Messianic Congregations


The Messianic Alliance of North America is not a membership/governing body.  We encourage active participation by individuals and congregations in Messianic Organizations such as the IAMCS, MBI, MJAA, and UMJC.  Our purpose it not to compete with these organizations, but to provide a broad spectrum source of information to those wanting find a local Congregation, or learn more about Messianic beliefs.

How to be listed

The Messianic Alliance of North America will provide free listings to any Congregation  that is Messianic in practice, acknowledge Yeshua as Messiah, support the Jewish people, and support the right of Israel to exist as a nation.  If interested, contact us at 

Additionally we offer advertising, and enhanced listings, including web pages to help fund this effort.  For information on advertising or enhanced listings, please email us

How to be removed from listing

If your Congregation wishes to be removed from this site, contact us at, stating you would like to e removed.  Note, to prevent bogus removals, the email must come from the listed email address, or from the current Rabbi or  Congregational leader.




Watchmen CD by Paul Wilbur

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Watchmen CD by Paul Wilbur

Messianic Supplies

Complete Jewish Bible


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